Saturday, 27 August 2016

Retronoid Update XXI

Lets get this ball rolling again, shall we?

This week, I have been mostly dealing with... aliens! Well, I call 'em aliens, but who really knows what they're supposed to be.

I finished off the graphics for my first "proper" alien sprite, which I'm really happy with. If youve been following this for a while, you'll recall I'm largely in the "programmer graphics" camp - so if I get anything that looks even halfway decent then I'm over the moon. So far for this game I'm unbelievably happy with how the graphics are turning out, given that (lack of) skill set.  Might do another one or two in a similar theme when I've finished the routines for collision, but this will do for a start & all the testing that needs doing.

Did the "shadow" graphics for the sprite above.

Here's a single frame of what it looks like - its animated around the vertical axis so it looks like two sets of spheres rotating..

Added some code to animate the alien based on whether they're moving left or right.

Added the ball / alien collision code - this was actually only a minor modification of the big collision routine I rewrote to allow for a new class of collision object, tested it and it seems to work perfectly!

Tweaked some of the border graphics.

Just starting in on the actual alien / brick collision code & resultant movement routines.

And that's it for this week as I'm trying to ease myself back into stuff gently. When I've finished the "alien" code I might do another quick video.

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