Sunday, 21 August 2016

Retronoid Update-ette

Hi folks

been a while, so time for a quick update.

Health issues continuing - so far doesn't seem to be anything serious, but so far they haven't found whats keeping me in constant pain. Between that, work, family and KSP / No Mans Sky - not a lot going on.

However - I've been looking at the code this week and managed to scrape out some odds and ends, as follows:

  • Tied the transition effects into the frame limiting code (which I'd forgotten to do)
  • Tied the Ball Launch Indicator  into the frame limiting code as well
  • Fixed a bug where the ball would very occasionally go right through the bat
  • Added some code to clean the aliens up correctly at the end of a level / game
  • Drew my first proper "alien" animation - although its not finished yet, I'm really happy with it.
  • Tweaked the spawn points and associated graphics
  • Started in on the alien code proper, added direction code, animation controls, and a few other odds.

Collision routines for the alien / block collisions next to get the movement routines fully implemented, then it will be alien / ball collisions.


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