Thursday, 29 October 2015

Retronoid - Update X

Been having some real fun with this over the last week.

Work on powerups continues - although when I say a powerup is "completed" here, it means the core code is in and the effect on the player / ball  etc works pretty much as it should - but it still needs to be prettied up with vfx / sfx.

Bat Powerups
Completed 3 / 4 (Enlarge, Shrink and Sticky)

Collecting a powerup in this class when one is already active will negate the current effect.
(i.e.) If Sticky is active and Shrink is collected, the ball is released on its original course and the bat shrunk.

Also, if the bat is at its minimum  / maximum size and a Shrink / Enlarge powerup is collected, you will get a score bonus instead.

Ball Powerups
Completed 3 / 5

Ball speed up and ball slowdown - each will change the speed by 25% every time they are collected, until maximum or minimum speed are attained. If a speed up or slowdown is collected when at maximum / minimum speed, then you get a score bonus.

Block Destroyer powerup - changes the ball to a gold one, and destroys all 1 hit blocks - passes through 2 hit blocks (destroys them on 2nd pass) and bounces off side walls & indestructible blocks (considering making it pass through indestructible blocks as well, still testing). This effect triggers a timer.

Score Powerups
Completed - 2 / 2

Bonus Score & Score Multiplier powerups.

These work in that the effect is cumulative,, but miss one its back to square one. Collecting other types of powerup (Bat or Ball) doesn't negate the effect
(i.e) Collecting the first multiplier will give you a 2x bonus on a timer - collect the next one that drops and it goes to 3x & timer is reset - up to 10X (2x,3x,4x,5x,10x) - miss one and the next you can collect will be 2x.

Same goes for score bonuses, but the multiplier doesn't affect bonus score drops.

Particle Effects
Also been doing some work on the particle effects, both generally and in relation to the powerups.

Collecting a powerup generates a message that scrolls up the screen indicating what it does, and when it collides with the bat a coloured effect of the same class of powerup is produced - so a bat powerup (which is blue) will generate a blue effect.

I've also tweaked it so that the particles for brick impacts are the same colour as the bricks themselves, and impacts with the arena walls generate random coloured effects.

Originally, I generated a circle of particles on each impact - now I generate an arc depending on whether a flat surface or an exposed corner is hit.

As soon as I've got the powerups finished and the relevant particle effects in, I might do another video.

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