Saturday, 24 October 2015

Retronoid - Update IX

Just a quick update this week I'm afraid - between a weekend away with the missus, followed by a mad week at work I've not had much time or inclination to do any coding.

That said, I managed to squeeze a little time in today, so..

Work on powerups continues.

Collision detection is in place and working between the powerups and the bat, and a collision generates a coloured effect based on the type of powerup it is - so blue for those affecting the bat, green for those affecting the ball, and purple for others.

I've also got the update framework in place for each type of powerup, just need to decide on a duration for those effects that aren't one offs (i.e. a bonus score) - but that'll become clearer with playtesting.

With a bit of luck I should start coding in the actual powerup effects this week.

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