Sunday, 12 July 2015

Retronoid Update VI

Time for another update.

On the health front, finally found out why I've been so tired, lethargic, headaches etc.

I've got a major Vitamin D deficiency. So low, according to my doctor my levels were basically non-existent. So I'm on massive doses of supplements to get everything back on track, which will take up to 3 months.

So as you'd expect because of this, progress is still exceedingly slow, but with luck should pick back up after my holidays.

So, where are we at?

1) Finish collisions for block / ball - Barring one small bug in the "stuck in a block" logic, this is finished. I ended up rewriting this partially so instead of using an array, its using objects thoughout - creating a collision object for each block. This way, the same collision routine works for any object with an Axis Aligned Bounding Box.

2) Add ball / ball collisions - Added, and removed again - while it worked quite nicely, it made things a bit too erratic for the player. Worth testing from a "can I do this" perspective though, good learning experience.

3) Add bat collisions in (again) to work the same way as blocks - 
See 1. One small tweak to the logic required (again, around the "in a block" logic), so one should sort the other. Interesting thing is that as the bat is a moving object, on the "in a block" collision I create a collision object that stationary, and test against that, rather than a moving object. Seems to work ok.

4) Start in on some particle effects - Didn't make it this far :-)

So, next steps:

1) debug
2) debug
3) sort out bat movement (still not happy, time to play about with different things, like adding inertia & alternate controls like keyboard or gamepad)
4) particles or powerups, depending on mood.

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