Sunday, 24 May 2015

Retronoid Update V

Time for another update!

Although time has been limited between work, still feeling unwell, reading through the Hugo Awards packet and getting some gaming in (curse you, Kerbal Space Program!), I'm making some decent progress (well, for me it's decent). 

So, from last time, goals & progress:

1) Add lives - lives are in, with an in game display. No game over state yet, so they just carry on dropping.

2) Rework collisions - 99% done. I've cracked the vector math required and its working really nicely. Collisions with block corners now act as if they have rounded edges, so that can change the ball direction a little unexpectedly, which adds a nice little element of randomness. Also, with a small addition in routine, should be able to add ball / ball collisions as well. Just some minor bits to tweak, such as detecting if the ball in in a block following a rebound, an intermediary check for higher ball speeds, then moving the lot to predictive positioning, rather than reactive.

3) Anything else that I think of as time allows - added some simple sound effects, will probably change this later though.

Ive also been reworking the block graphics, which I'm much happier with, look and colour wise.  Doesnt look like much, but Ive rounded the edges off and changed some of the colours / highlighting. I'm a terrible artist, so having something that looks halfway reasonable is a bit of a personal victory :-)

Next set of goals:

1) Finish collisions for block / ball
2) Add ball / ball collisions
3) Add bat collisions in (again) to work the same way as blocks
4) Start in on some particle effects

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