Thursday, 26 March 2015

Retronoid Update III

Slightly earlier update this week as I have to work this weekend, followed by some much neglacted gardening (so I'm praying for rain!)

This weeks goals were:

1) Finish bat collisions
2) Finish level switching
3) Ball spin (if time allows)

so, how much actually got done?

1) All done! With that in place a level is basically playable.
2) Almost done. Coded 15 levels (all based on the original Arkanoid levels so far) in and did a quick test to see that they display / look ok.The code now counts how many blocks there are at the start of the level, and decreases it as they are destroyed. Next bits to do are clearing the level / loading the next one / resetting ball etc.
3) Not started.
4) Ball going off the bottom of the screen now works. At the moment it just resets to the bat itself, but some fairly minor code changes/ additions will allow for lives etc.

Goals for next week;
1) Finish level switching
2) Add lives / life removal / death effect
3) Add a level transition effect

I think I'll leave ballspin for now until the level stuff is completely finished. Looks pretty simple to implement though.


Level 5

Level 12

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