Sunday, 22 March 2015

Retronoid - Update II

Wow, a week goes by so fast.

Last week's goals were:

1) Finish the brick collisions
2) Finish the bat collisions
3) Add a "destroy block" special effect
4) If time allows - add a couple of extra levels and add level switching

Despite a really busy week at work / home (yesterday involved 5 hrs of driving to get my eldest kid back from Uni for the Easter Holidays, followed by an afternoon / evening at a family wedding), Ive managed to get some stuff done.

1) Done! Pretty pleased with the end result, got a little more testing to do, but so far none of the issues I had previously have shown up. Collisions for this have turned out to be far more complex in code than I originally thought they would.
2) Gone back to scratch and Im currently re-doing these based on using the new brick collision code. Should also be able to use it for enemies (if I add them)
3) Done  - blocks shrink when destroyed and flash when hit. Still not entirely happy with the effect but will do for now.
4) Started - Got some backgrounds done based off the original Arkanoid ones, and started puttting together some core levels. Gfx work takes me ages, Im hopeless at pixelling.

also got the following done:

5) To do list - helps keep track of stuff that needs doing
6) Played about with SFXR trying to get some sound effects I like together.

So this weeks goals are basically a continuation of last week:

1) Finish bat collisions
2) Finish level switching
3) Ball spin (if time allows)

Also had an odd idea for bonus scoring - not going to elaborate too much in case it doesnt pan out :-)

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