Saturday, 7 November 2009


This is a remake of an old ZX Spectrum puzzle game from 1985 by Mastertronic.

Locomotion is a relatively simple "sliding block" type puzzle game.
Rearrange the tracks to form an unbroken path so your wayward engine can get back to the station safely. On the way collect track bonuses (blue) and avoid track hazards (red). You can pause each level for a maximum of 60 seconds - this will stop the train moving until you unpause or the timer runs out.

Written in Blitz 3D. As such you need a PC running a minimum of Win98 & DX7.

Tested on the following spec PC without issues: AMD 800mhz, 128MB RAM, 32MB 3D gfx card.

Note: This game is Freeware and is supplied as is - the author bears no responsibility for any issues that may arise from running this software.

Download , approx 1.5MB

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