Friday, 29 April 2016

Retronoid Update XX

Hello! Update 20 already... yeah, I know I'm slow :-)

What's been happening since the last update? Well, quite a bit actually....

First off, I added some debris particles to the bat explosion - just some simple stuff using existing code.

Tidied up some code and got rid of some that was no longer needed, tidied up a couple of routines.

Arena Changes
As alluded to last week, I've made the arena a bit smaller by 2 blocks width. I updated the relevant bits of code pretty quickly, but as suspected, it pretty much took a couple of evenings to update all the level data (as its hard coded into the game, I'm too lazy to make a level editor). Took the opportunity to tweak some of the levels while I was at it.

Had a good test and it plays much better - here's a quick screenshot of one of the later levels..

(Level 33)

I'm Telling You...It was ALIENS!
Yep, finally started work on adding the aliens.

  • Finished amending some of the arena graphics to accommodate the spawn points. They're unnoticeable unless they spawn an alien.
  • Knocked up a quick graphic so I can actually test something.
  • Created the alien object and code to actually create them in game.
  • Added a spawn timer & trigger for each of the doors.
  • Worked out on paper what I want the spawning effect to look like.

And that it for another update.


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