Friday, 15 April 2016

Retronoid Update XVIII

Hi there!

It doesn't feel like I've done much this week as I've had a houseful of kids underfoot all week - kids + noise does not make for a conducive coding environment.

So lets see what got done...

Powerup Balancing
This was proving a bit more complex than I originally thought, but finally think Ive nailed the last of it.

Block Destroyer & Laserball - these now scale with the number of playthroughs, keeping the block destruction consistent. When active, neither contribute to the score multiplier.

Block Destroyer - When active, ball only passes through blocks that require 1 hit (multiplied by playthrough), and blocks that require more than one hit will take a bigger chunk of damage AND cause the ball to bounce. Bounces off indestructible blocks. All of which leads to some nice gameplay.

Tripleball - Fixed a bug with tripleball not refreshing correctly.

Forcefield - now refreshes if another forcefield drop collected, and if fully powered grants a score bonus.

Also increased the drop speed of the powerup containers as well.

Other Stuff
Tweaked the player death effect
Reset the ball launch angle indicator when switching levels or life lost

Heres a couple of screenshots of the latest build.

(Menu with HiScore)

(Level Transition)

(Level 4, with ball angle indicator visible)

And thats it - a little more than I was hoping, to be honest.

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