Saturday, 19 March 2016

Retronoid Update XV

Hi again.

I know, I'm a slow coder. But its a hobby that has to fit in around the rest of my life, and often times life takes priority. Like the missus being ill, for example. That said..

Been an interesting little week here on Retronoid - I'm finding I'm doing more playtesting than coding :-) But stuff is getting done.

So, what's happened this week then? In no particular order

Added a death effect when you lose a life.
Tweaked scoring on the powerups, as follows:
  • If you grab a powerup that you already have it will result in a random bonus point award, as well as refreshing the powerup in most cases.
  • If you grab the "growth" powerup which makes the bat bigger it will give a small bonus as well ( as you're making life easier).
  • If you grab the "shrink" powerup that makes the bat smaller you'll get a much bigger bonus - and a pretty hefty one for using the smallest bat.
  • Likewise, big bonus for speeding up the ball, small one for slowing it down.
  • Removed the score bonus completely
  • Removed score multiplier as a drop
  • Changed score multiplier so its automatic - as long as you keep the ball in play, it goes up based on a threshold of no of blocks in the level.
  • Changed the forcefield from a timer to limited number of hits.
Extra Lives added every 50k points, up to a max of 5 lives (4 plus current).
Squashed some bugs that were annoying me.

So - fairly productive all round, considering.

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