Saturday, 12 March 2016

Quick Retronoid / File Hosting Update

Hi again!

Very quick update this week as I'm pushed for time. Both the missus and my dad are down with flu, so I'm pretty busy with domestic stuff, with work on top of that - very little time this week.

That said - some updates:

I alluded to a little ball spawning animation last week - well, its in, done and works every time the ball spawns on the bat, with some little particle effects. Serves as a short pause in the gameplay as well.

Also done a little back end code tidying. I'm not the tidiest coder, and I was getting fed up going through stuff thinking "what does this do again..?". Things like variable names that make sense, commenting here and there, and indents. Makes things a bit more readable.

Lastly - updated and crossed a few things off the to do list, added some stuff I want to change based on playthroughs & notes on balancing the powerups a bit more.

File Hosting
As I've already got it and can link to it - I've decided to switch my files into Google Drive. Adds an additional step to the process, which is a little annoying, but blame Virgin Media.

I've already updated all the links already, but for anyone not familiar with it, the file will open in a new window. Click on the "Download" icon at the top of the screen and the file will download.

It looks like this:

And that's it - better go see how the plague carriers are doing....

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