Friday, 19 February 2016

Quick Update

Well, I'm back - sort of.

Family stuff is ongoing - unfortunately I lost my mum to cancer just after Christmas, so been pretty busy helping dad with things. Still the case but things are starting to straighten up a little so I'm getting a little more time to myself. So started coding again, and also started remodelling the spare bedroom. Nothing like a bit of demolition to work out your frustrations.

Work wise, the really big project is up and running, so things are a little more normal there too.

Coding wise, just started to pick up Retronoid again. Eliminated a couple of bugs that crept in with the first cut of the menu system and getting familiar with the code again. Really must get a bit more organised and comment stuff more freely. Other than that not much to report.

Hopefully have another update in a week or two.

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