Friday, 13 November 2015

Retronoid - Update XI

Progress has been a little slower this week due to work.

That said, quite pleased with what I achieved overall. Still working on powerups & visual effects.

Bat Powerups
Completed 4 / 5 (yes, that's increased)

New powerup completed! - Graviton Beam. This allows the player to steer the ball for a short period of time. Left / Right mouse buttons change direction clockwise / anticlockwise respectively.

Still got the level skip to do, but added visual effects as follows:

Sticky - generates a green, drippy effect on the bat
Enlarge - generates a couple of particle arcs away from the ends of the bat
Shrink - generates a couple of particle arcs towards the ends of the bat
Graviton Beam - Two small particle fountains are generated on the bat, and a beam is fired from each to converge on the ball, which drains the charge and changes the colour of the particles and the beam

Ball Powerups
Completed 6 / 6 (yes, that's increased too)

New Powerup! - Laserball. Similar to the Block Destroyer, this one fires a beam at nearby blocks that are in range, destroying them.

Triple Ball completed - pretty self explanatory this one.
Forcefield complete - puts a particle field at the bottom of the screen which reflects the ball. Particles change colour as the timer runs out.

Visual effects as follows:

Speed Up - green shockwave after the ball
Slow Down - red shockwave in front of the ball
Block Destroyer - Ball goes gold, which fades as the timer runs out. Particle spray when powerup starts / ends
Triple Ball - doesn't need one!
Forcefield - particle field at the bottom of the screen changes colour from green / orange / red as the timer runs down.
Laserball - using the effects from Block Destroyer, but the ball / effects are blue. Fires a beam at a nearby block & destroys it.

Other Stuff
I've also been sketching out how I want to handle some of the other stuff, like death, start / end level / game over effects. All worked out on paper and probably next on implementation once I'm done with the powerups. Starting to get to the point where I'm needing to add some more sound effects too, just to liven it all up.

Squashed a few bugs, tidied up some code, tweaked some things, found a few more bugs and added them to the list to be squashed later.

And that's about it for this time. Here's a screenshot of the Graviton Beam in action.

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